Thursday, August 24, 2017

10 ideas 1908-2408

I had two days of failures again

10 ideas for what you should know about skills
  1. On average, expertise in competitive field is achieved with 10,000 hours of practice
  1. Nerve fibers and synapses between them improve → better skill
  2. There is always an opportunity costs, you cannot learn every skill
  3. You can learn by watching, you have mirror neurons, which help you learn
  4. You learn better when you have breaks
  5. Right repetitions more important than quantity of them
  6. Natural style should be developed
  7. There will be moments of no progress → some changes needed in learning process
  8. You need good habits for better performance
  9. Do not try to figure out everything yourself, use coaches/mentors
10 ideas about cycles
  1. Everything has cycles
  2. Time of recovery is important part of performance cycles
  3. You need to know your own cycles to make better decisions
  4. Debt cycles should be divided to short-term and long-term cycles
  5. You cannot stay on top of performance cycle all the time
  6. You learn better when you are on top of your cycles
  7. Most people do not understand them
  8. Cycles always come, but they are not equals
  9. Failure is more probable at the bottom of the cycle
  10. Biggest damages happen during the bottom
10 ideas about investment clubs
  1. You may find new perspectives from them
  2. Not everybody knows what they are saying
  3. Filter everything
  4. Do not make any decisions during meeting
  5. Many have their own agendas
  6. Do not let ”credibility” fool you, ”smart” answer may sound incredibly convincing
  7. Concentrate on ideas, not appearance
  8. If somebody shows their earnings, they must be at least for a 10 year period
  9. Do no believe any gossip
  10. Other people´s opinions do not matter, your analysis does

10 ideas for mental models you should understand
  1. Inertia
  2. Cycles
  3. Edge
  4. Skills
  5. The path of lowest resistance
  6. availability bias
  7. association bias
  8. Social proof bias
  9. Deliberate Practice
  10. Systems


Saturday, August 19, 2017

10 ideas 16-18.8

10 ideas for neighbors you should not listen to
  1. Complainers
  2. Stalkers
  3. Who only communicate with noises, not speech
  4. Addicts
  5. Troublemakers
  6. Who think they know everything better
  7. Salesmen
  8. Politicians
  9. Who only talks about their things
  10. Gossipers

10 ideas for non-fiction authors
  1. Have your own voice
  1. If you can idenfity only one cause for big things, you understand nothing
  2. You need to have own thoughts for the material you find from your sources
  3. Trust science, not your own opinions
  4. Use many sources and double check everything
  5. Do not assume anything
  6. If you don´t understand something, forget it
  7. Language and grammar are important
  8. Aim for the truth, not for selling many books
  9. Love your haters, they may be useful
10 ideas for de-cluttering
  1. Make your own rules before starting to get rid of things and have no exceptions
  2. Start with one thing
  3. With cheap and medium priced and sized items, ask friends first, if they need something
  4. Do not leave anything for ”just in case”
  5. Do not leave things you haven´t used in years
  6. Once you have something you think it is more important. Others see the real truth, ask them
  7. When you add one item, lose at least one
  8. Throw all the cheap and broken items away
  9. Change papers into electronic form
  10. Remember the opportunity costs in selling items. You cannot get time used for selling an item back


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

10 ideas for talks show hosts you should not listen

10 ideas for talk show hosts you shouldn´t listen to
  1. Talk show hosts who have strong political ideologies
  2. Talk show hosts who are politically correct
  3. Talk show hosts who are too worried about their appearance
  4. Talk show hosts who imitate other hosts, because they do not know what they are doing
  5. Talk show hosts who have no personal touch in hosting
  6. Talk show hosts who do not prepare properly
  7. Talk show hosts who do not genuinely enjoy their work
  8. Talk show hosts who say only what quests like to hear
  9. Talk show hosts who do not want critical feedback
  10. Talk show hosts who do not understand even what they are themselves saying

Monday, August 14, 2017

10 ideas for investment advisors you shouldn´t listen

10 ideas for investment advisors you shouldn´t listen to
  1. Investment advisors who measure success in less than ten years
  2. Investment advisors who believes in only one solution
  3. Investment advisors who sell only company´s own products
  4. Investment advisors who do not tell all the costs
  5. Investment advisors who sells you products with highest commissions
  6. Investment advisors who talks with language you don´t understand
  7. Investment advisors who tells you there are no risks in these investments
  8. Investment advisors who is too worried about his appearance
  9. Investment advisors who talks about fast results
  10. Investment advisors who tells you ”This time is different”


Sunday, August 13, 2017

10 ideas for colleagues you shouldn´t listen to

10 ideas for colleagues you shouldn´t listen to
  1. Colleagues who doesn´t let you focus on your work
  2. Colleagues who are selfish
  3. Colleagues who complain all the time
  4. Colleagues who are not willing to return your favor
  5. Colleagues who do not care about you
  6. Colleagues who have nothing good to say about you
  7. Colleagues who are liers
  8. Colleagues who take all the credit from your effort
  9. Colleagues who assume you know what they mean when they say something odd
  10. Colleagues who have never taken risks

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ideas for 09.08-12.08

I failed in getting 10 ideas 10th and 11th August. This is why there will be only twenty ideas.

10 ideas for family members you shouldn´t listen to

  1. Family members who tell you what you should do without asking from you
  2. Family members whose messages are not clear to you
  3. Family members who care only about themselves
  4. Family members whose feedback is not constructive
  5. Family members who only yell at you
  6. Family members who do not care about your feelings
  7. Family members who haven´t had a contact in many years
  8. Family members who have lied to you
  9. Family members who do not believe in you
  10. Family members who are not willing to tell you the truth when it is better for you to hear it

10 ideas for reporters who you shouldn´t listen to

  1. Reporters who are always politically correct
  1. Reportets who are not giving constructive critisism
  2. Reporters who cannot take constructive criticism
  3. Reporters who suffer from extreme ideologies
  4. Reporters who idelozes people who they interview
  5. Reporters who lie
  6. Reporters who copy their writings
  7. Reporters who are too interested about outer appearance
  8. Reporters who change their opinions when their bosses opinion changes
  9. Reporters who are not sane


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

10 ideas for relatives you shouldn´t listen to

10 ideas for relatives you shouldn´t listen to
  1. Relatives who talk only about gossips
  2. Relatives who think they know your things better
  3. Relatives who complain all the time
  4. Relatives who undermine you
  5. Relativses who are not willing to help you when you need it the most
  6. Relatives who are not keeping their promises
  7. Relatives who have nothing good to say about you.
  8. Relatives who you haven´t met for years
  9. Relatives who are dishonest
  10. Relatives who have never taken risks